Common questions and responses.
Why not stop all construction?

This is a common misunderstanding. The truth is, we can’t. State law around property rights make moratoriums very difficult to enact, and always short term. Instead, the City is changing our Zoning Ordinance, into a new Unified Development Code. An updated code will alter zoning, building and development standards, to bring them more in line with our community values and desires.

Why doesn't Spring Hill build more roads?

We are. Much of the work has been small; signals, turn lanes, pedestrian safety improvements. Or the work has been behind the scenes; right-of-way acquisition, engineering work, partnering with the State to secure funding. The big projects are moving towards ground breaking, with the work you know see on Duplex as evidence. Beechcroft, Saturn Parkway, Buckner Rd and Tom Lunn Rd will soon follow.

Why isn't 31 widened?

It should be. Unfortunately, too many years went by with little progress. Since 2015, the City has completed a survey to identify Right of Way needs, gained TDOT approval of a concept plan, passed Impact Fees (paid for by developers) and completed spot improvements where feasible. The City’s work has better positioned Hwy 31 to be placed on TDOT’s 3 year plan. TDOT will release their next 3 year plan in April 2018.

Why have you voted for re-zones?
I’ve always voted with holistic view on re-zones, and with the City’s long term goals in mind. I’ve always voted with a focus on benefits from a change against potential negative outcomes in mind. Two re-zone votes that took extra consideration are the Alexander property, and Petra Commons.
The Alexander property was important to support our instate access justification. Federal standards are clear that land use zoning drives interchange approvals. The rezone was completed with phased development triggers to force the development to occur at a controlled pace, a creation of a Special Assessment District to fund infrastructure improvements with dollars from the developer, and a commitment to donate land to Williamson County Schools.  Ultilmetly I felt the positives outweighed the potential negatives.
Petra Commons was also a difficult vote. I believe commercial development should occur along Hwy 31, not residential or multifamily developments. Commercial development away from Hwy 31 on this land would have resulted in commercial development creating conflict with the existing single family homes; this would have been wrong. A single access point from Hwy 31 is less than ideal, but unfortunately multiple access points was impossible due to existing development.
Why vote in favor of multifamily development?

I believe as a City we should have a variety of housing types and sizes available. For too long, Spring Hill has only been able to offer a single type of product, 3-4 bedroom single family homes. These 3-4 bedroom single family homes are great, but citizens and families of a variety of ages, sizes, needs and economical backgrounds should be able to live in the community they work and shop in. Other communities in middle Tennessee are struggling with affordable housing. Younger people/couples and empty nesters have different housing needs than growing families. Our City is healthier when we have housing options for people in all seasons of their life.

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