January 2018 NewsletterLike and Follow Alderman Matt Fitterer, Spring Hill – TN on Facebook for additional updates and news. Unified Development Code The most important item the Spring Hill BOMA will vote on in 2018 is the City’s new Unified Development Code, or UDC. Development, zoning and land use have long been a very sensitive subjects in Spring Hill. […]

Completed in 2018. Modernization of Spring Hill’s Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations to better preserve and protect the City’s from adverse development. Creating predictable, citizen friendly development patterns that will better allow the City to preserve and protect our historic identify while creating new economic opportunity allowing Spring Hill to become a more resilient, livable, […]

Completed in 2015, and modified in 2018, mapping out the long term bicycle and greenway trails throughout the City to promote outdoor activity and non-automotive transportation options. Since 2015, the Bike and Greenway plan has been implemented in segments corresponding with development, with new development footing the bill. Over time the segments will connect creating […]

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