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August 20, 2019by Matt Fitterer0

Long Term Water and Sewer Needs

Roads and traffic tend to dominate any infrastructure conversation, and deservedly so; Spring Hill certainly has an inadequate roadway system.
However, our water and sewer infrastructure is equally important (and fortunately far more advanced).

Over the past several months, the Spring Hill BOMA has heard from a variety of consultants to help plan and coordinate the City’s long term (year 2060) water and sewer needs. You can find the full slate of presentations covering Water treatment and distribution & Sewer treatment and distribution in this link.

Here’s the brass tax: as the City continues to grow, we’ll need more drinking water, and we’ll have more sewage to treat. The City will need to continue it’s current path of both treating water and purchasing water to drink from others. We need to continue to invest in distribution and collection systems. Obtaining permitting from the State is a verrrrrrry long process – this work has already begun, but the BOMA must remain vigilant to ensure it remains on track.

And lastly – this all is very expensive. The City hired Jackson Thornton to perform a rate analysis and ensure that current operation costs are covered by current rates. Jackson Thornton recommended no change to rates, but did recommended a change in what the base monthly charge covers. Today, your base charge of $9.80 for water comes with 2,000 gallons at no additional charge. Jackson Thornton has recommended that this be reduced to 1,000 gallons in year 1 (this year) and 0 gallons in year 2 (next year). You can see the full reports here.

What’s this all mean to you? Depending upon your water usage – despite the rate remaining the same your bill is likely to increase – probably in the range of $8/month.

****Disclaimer – estimated change to monthly billings is just that – an estimate. Your actual bill will be different than the estimate. You should review your own bill and usage to better understand how this change will impact your family.


Tom Lunn Road Development Agreement

In August, Spring Hill BOMA approved a Public/Private Partnership Agreement with four different developments in the area of Tom Lunn Rd to fund the improvement of Tom Lunn Rd.

The agreement is pretty simple – four different developments agreed to pay all of their future Adequate Facility taxes in advance, and the City agreed to use the monies to improve Tom Lunn Rd (which is directly impacted by the four developments).

Adequate Facility taxes are typically paid when a builder pulls a building permit. Many developments build out over a 3-4 year period, meaning the City collects the funds one house at a time over a 3-4 year period.

By making a lump sum payment – the City now has the funding to complete the road project today (project is going to bid in September), versus having funding 3-4 years from now and the project being started in 3-4 years.

This is a win/win for both sides. Total Adequate Facility taxes paid in advance were over $700,000. There are a few other areas around town where this type of arrangement makes sense for both sides. I hope to announce a similar agreement within a few months.


Small Cell Towers Come to Spring Hill

You’ve likely seen or heard cell phone providers advertise 5G technology as the future of cell phone service.

In 2018, the Tennessee General Assembly passed HB2279/SB2504 streamlining the state and local permitting, right of way, application time lines and appeals process related to the deployment of small cell wireless infrastructure. Small cell technology supports the 5G wireless systems which is increasing utilized by wireless communication providers.

As a result of this change in state law, municipalities have little ability to regulate the placement of small cell infrastructure within public right of way.

Several wireless communication providers have submitted applications to install small cell towers at a variety of locations around Spring Hill

Below you will find an areal photo highlighting the placement of these new utilities around the Spring Hill area.

If you have concerns related to the placement of these utilities, there is very little that can be done by the City of Spring Hill. The change in state law enabled the placement of these utilities, and likewise the General Assembly would need to act to overturn the law. Concerns related to the law should be directed to members of the General Assembly

Tennessee Children’s Home Re-Zone Request

One of the largest re-zone request ever to come to Spring Hill is the proposed Redevelopment of the Tennessee Children’s Home. Anyone who has ever been to Spring Hill is familiar with the 107 acre property along Main St and Kedron Rd.

The applicant asked for a deferral (delay the vote) during the last BOMA meeting as they continue to work through concerns from the public, City Staff and elected officials. The second (and final) vote is expected in September.

You can find a complete set of documents for the proposal here. It’s important to know that if the re-zone is approved, construction will not begin immediately. The applicant will still need to complete site plan approval through the Planning Commission. This is a massive project – and will likely be 10+ years before final completion.


Looking Ahead Towards September

The September BOMA and Planning Commission meetings are likely to have numerous items of interest. Some items that you can expect:

• Children’s Home Final Re-Zone Vote
• Re-visiting potential change to Spring Hill election dates
• Selection of Engineering firm to design Buckner Lane improvements
• New restaurant tenet in The Crossings (O’Charley’s building)


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