Situated on the southern border of Spring Hill, the Northfield building is the former headquarters of the Saturn Corporation. The Northfield building is currently owned by the City of Spring Hill and houses the City’s Planning and Codes Departments along with several private companies who lease space from the City.   The potential buyer of […]

Children's Home

Proposed re-development of Tennessee Children’s Home in Spring Hill, TN.   About the Tennessee Children’s Home: Tennessee Children’s Home began in 1909 as the Tennessee Orphan Home in Columbia, Tennessee. It was created to meet the needs of the three Scotten children, who had been tragically orphaned. In 1935, the Home purchased the campus of […]

Completed in 2015, modified in 2017 and updated in 2019. Completed by the Planning Commission and adopted by the Board of Mayor and Alderman, the MTP maps out the long term needs of Spring Hill’s major road way needs. The Major Thoroughfare Plan has allowed the Planning Commission to demand dedication and new roads construction […]

Rutherford Creek Parkland

Fall 2018 – Secured the donation of over 48 acres along the southern bank of Rutherford Creek for public open space and parkland. Walking trails and other passive uses installed at $0 City expense.  With this donation, Spring Hill now has open space and parkland stretching from the northeast corner of Derryberry and Rice Rd […]

Thank you all the Spring Hill Citizens who completed the Spring Hill Roads and Spring Hill Budget survey. Your feedback was outstanding! As a community – here is the ranking of the ten major road projects Highway 31 – NEPA and Preliminary Design I-65 Interchange – NEPA and Preliminary Design Buckner Rd widening – Planning […]

TDOT has awarded a design & build contract for the widening of Beechcroft Rd, including a bridge over the CSX rail, and extension of Saturn Parkway. Additionally, the project will include improvements to the Beechcroft Rd/Cleburn Rd, Beechcroft Rd/ Town Center Parkway and Stephen P. Yokich Pkwy / Hwy 31 intersections. The widening of Beechcroft […]

Completed in 2018. Modernization of Spring Hill’s Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations to better preserve and protect the City’s from adverse development. Creating predictable, citizen friendly development patterns that will better allow the City to preserve and protect our historic identify while creating new economic opportunity allowing Spring Hill to become a more resilient, livable, […]

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