December 2017 Newsletter

December 30, 2017by Matt Fitterer0

December 2017 Newsletter

Here’s some important Spring Hill news you may have missed over the past few months.

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Duplex Widening
Eutaw Construction has been busy with the beginning stages of construction to widen Duplex Rd. You’ve probably already seen the relocation of utility lines, removal of fencing and landscaping and concert being poured near McCutcheon Creek.

Duplex from Miles Johnson to Main St will be closed approximately from January to March 2018 to allow for new bridge construction. Be sure to plan ahead for this detour. This should be the only road closure during construction – but watch for message boards and further updates from the City.

Construction should be complete in early 2020.

You can view an overview of the project here, or learn more about some of Eutaw’s other projects here.

More TDOT News – Hwy 31 and New Interchange at Buckner Rd/ I-65
We continue to hear positive comments from TDOT Leadership and our State Representatives regarding Hwy 31 being included in TDOT’s next 3 year plan – scheduled to be released in April or May 2018. Inclusion on the 3 year plan is a vital step to securing State and Federal funds. We’ll continue to push for Hwy 31’s inclusion, look for more news in Spring of 2018.

Spring Hill has completing an Interchange Justification Request in coordination with TDOT for new interstate access at Buckner Rd and I-65. The request was submitted in November to the Federal Highway Administration, with a response expected this month. It is likely Spring Hill will be asked to provide some minor additional detail to the request and re-submit. Senators Alexander and Corker along with Representative Blackburn have spoken to the FHWA in support. Approval would be an absolute game changer for traffic relief in northern Spring Hill.

You can view the City’s concept plan for a 5 lane Hwy 31 here, and an overview of a potential interchange design here.

Water and Utility Billing Update
In early November, the City was struck by a ransomware attack that caused chaos throughout the City’s computer systems. While many systems are back to full function, our Water and Utility Billing system is still down. You should have received an estimated bill for the month of December. You may choose to not pay this estimate, and instead wait until the system is restored. Many citizens requested the option of paying an estimated bill to avoid a large bill once the system is restored.

Important items to know;
1) No personal or financial information was lost or stolen
2) During this downtime, the City will not be charging late fees or turn off service for any customers
3) Any overage or shortage caused by paying an estimated bill will be trued up once the system is restored.
4) Make sure you read the City’s complete update from Administrator Lay here.

We hope to have the system fully restored for the January billing cycle. Be sure to watch for additional updates. If you have additional questions or concerns – please ask!

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