Fall 2016 Newsletter

September 30, 2016by Matt Fitterer0

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Summer is coming to an end, and with it another quarter of City business is complete. We hope you all had a great summer and are ready for the transition into fall! Some Spring Hill news you may have missed over the past three months.

Duplex Rd and Hwy 31 widening
The City is entering the final stages of acquiring the 220+ tracts of right-a-way to widen Duplex Rd. Spring Hill is down to less than 10 price negotiations to be completed, which we expect to wrap up by the end of October. Since the project is currently within TDOT’s 3 year plan, the City is anticipating construction to begin next spring.

The City continues to invest local dollars to the design of a five lane Hwy 31. A working concept has been finalized and will be submitted to TDOT within the next few weeks. You can find a copy of the concept that will be submitted to TDOT here.

A number of smaller, short term improvements are also being planned to improve safety at four major intersections. While individually none of these improvements will create a significant improvement, collectively we aim to improve performance and safety in a number of turning movements. You can find these improvements here.

Please plan to attend a Transportation Advisory Committee meeting on the third Monday of the month to learn more about projects in Spring Hill.

Buckner Lane / Thompson’s Station Rd Intersection Improvements
With the new K-8 Williamson County School slated to open on Clayton Arnold Rd in the fall of 2017, Spring Hill BOMA approved $1 Million to spend improving the Buckner Lane / Thompson’s Station Rd Intersection. Since half of the intersection lies outside of Spring Hill, and within Thompson’s Station, their cooperation is necessary to make these improvements a reality. We’re working with our neighbor’s to ensure these improvements take place.

Rippavilla Panel
This summer, Rippavilla Inc approached the City with the possibility of turning the historic plantation over to the City. Mayor Graham appointed a due diligence committee to review this possible donation and make a recommendation to the Board of Mayor and Alderman. Alderman Fitterer has been serving on this committee. Expect to see a recommendation made in November. You can read more about this panel here.

What are your thoughts regarding this potential donation? I would appreciate your input.

Camiros continues with Zoning Ordinance Update
Camiros, a nationally recognized land use and planning firm, was hired by the City to assist in the re-write and update of our Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision regulations. While this may not sound important, these two documents will effect land use, planning and development for decades to come. This project will take approximately 12 months to complete. I highly encourage anyone with a concern for the long term vision of Spring Hill to participate in the public survey, focus groups and meetings to be held. 

Country Ham Festival
John Maher Builders Country Ham Fest will be held on October 3rd this year on the grounds of Tennessee Children’s Home. This is a great annual event that features local businesses, games and food. Make plans to attend!

Be Heard!
All too often in Spring Hill, citizen engagement is limited to social media. Every City meeting has time reserved for citizen comment. Every elected and appointed official can be reached by email, a level of accessibility that very few citizens take advantage of. Attend meetings. Email officials. Volunteer to sit on a committee. Be a positive difference maker in our community.



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