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January 17, 2018by Matt Fitterer0
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Unified Development Code
The most important item the Spring Hill BOMA will vote on in 2018 is the City’s new Unified Development Code, or UDC. Development, zoning and land use have long been a very sensitive subjects in Spring Hill. Our current Zoning Ordinance is over 30 years old, and does not offer the protection needed to ensure future development is favorable to residents or the City. Over a year ago, the City initiated a comprehensive re-write of the current Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations into a new, modernized Ordinance that will offer the City and residents control and predictability over future development that we all desire. I’ve been proud to work on the Zoning-Update Advisory Committee that has produced the new Ordinance that will serve the City for years to come and provide the control the City and residents need to avoid adverse development and projects.

Beginning in early February, the City will hold a series of public workshops to present the UDC, and collect feedback and input from Citizens related to the project. By April, the UDC is expected to be in-front of the BOMA for debate and adoption. These meeting are critical for setting Spring Hill’s direction for decades to come.

You can view an overview of the project here. A full copy of the Ordinance will be published within the next 10 days or so. I will be sending a special newsletter just to announce the publication of the new Ordinance. It’s that important.

If you’re only going to pay attention to one thing in Spring Hill over the next year…make it this issue. Read the new Ordinance, attend the public workshops, email/call Aldermen, give your feedback. Nothing else this year will do as much to impact the future of our City as the passage of the UDC.

City Purchase of Northfield Building
In late December, the City officially closed on the old Saturn Headquarters, also known as Northfield. The City has long needed additional space for a new Police station, Library, and eventually City Hall. Completed separately, these projects were expected to cost over $20 million. Northfield was purchased for a little over $8 million, with renovation costs expected to be in the $5 to $6 million dollar range. Renovation will cover access to the site in addition to both interior and exterior improvements needed to make the building suited for Police and Library use.

Northfield is much larger than what the City needs today, giving the City plenty of room for growth in the future. Northfield is currently currently home to a number of businesses, colleges and technical programs; all of which will remain in their current locations and pay rent to the City.

You can read more about the purchase here and more about the building itself here.

Williamson County Sales Tax Referendum
Citizens of Williamson County are being asked by the Williamson County Commission to vote on a Sales Tax increase on Feb. 6th. (early voting information here)  The proposed increase would be 0.5%…or $0.50 for every $100 spent. All new taxes collected would be spent solely on new school construction for the next three years. The Tennessean will be hosting a special forum on the sales tax at Thompson’s Station Church on Jan 23rd from 6 to 7:30 PM. You can learn more about that event here.

Quick Transportation Notes….
The City’s Interchange Access Request has been updated following request from the Federal Highway Administration and has been resubmitted for approval…. Tennessee State House is now in session, following the passage of the State 2018/2019 budget, TDOT will release a new 3 year plan for State Road improvements/construction. Our State Representatives are pushing for Hwy 31 to be included…. Duplex construction continues on schedule….. Thursday January 18th at 6 pm, Spring Hill BOMA, Planning Commission and Transportation Advisory Committee will hold a joint meeting to provide an update on all transportation projects in the City. You can watch live or on demand here.

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