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July 17, 2019by Matt Fitterer0
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Update on Critical Projects
Spring Hill has at least 28 active projects that are critical to the City.

It’s often times difficult to keep track of all these projects, much less keep track of the current status of projects.

Want a complete list? (That’s current as of July 2019)

Visit this link.

Some highlights:
– Beechcroft Rd improvements – utility work is complete, paving scheduled for Aug/Sep
– Port Royal / Saturn signalization – contract awarded, work to be complete by Oct
– Hwy 31 – TDOT should select contractor for NEPA in Sept. Project is funded
– Buckner Rd / I-65 interchange – NEPA work underway
– Buckner Ln improvements – contract for design should be awarded in Sept
– Crossing Circle North Bridge – should be complete first week of Dec


Why I Voted Against Moving Spring Hill Elections to November
A proposal was offered to change Spring Hill Elections from April in odd years to November in even years. I voted against the proposal for two reasons;

1) I support increasing voter turnout, but this needs to be done through increased engagement with voters, not just through moving dates. Spring Hill should expand voting locations and hours, send notices to citizens and registered voters. We should be actively encouraging people to vote – not just change the date.

Tennessee is 40th out of 50 states in voter registration. In November 2018, Tennessee ranked 43 of 50 in voter turnout (and that was with an open Governor and Senate seat!). Shifting municipal elections to November isn’t increasing voter turnout – it’s just shifting the problem around.

2) Moving municipal elections to November will increase the costs of running campaigns – since candidates will increase their spending to stand out and improve name recognition in the midst of State and Federal elections.

Columbia last elected a Mayor in November 2018 – In total candidates spent nearly $90,000! Do we really want a $90,000 mayoral race in Spring Hill?? Where would the money come from? What donors would candidates seek out?

I would prefer a Mayor’s race that’s based upon a candidates qualifications, ideas for the City, and a demonstrated ability to serve our Citizens. I don’t want a Mayor’s races that’s based upon a candidates ability to raise and spend money.


Tennessee Children’s Home Re-Zone Request
One of the largest re-zone request ever to come to Spring Hill is the proposed Redevelopment of the Tennessee Children’s Home. Anyone who has ever been to Spring Hill is familiar with the 107 acre property along Main St and Kedron Rd.

You can find a complete set of documents for the proposal here. It’s important to know that if the re-zone is approved, construction will not begin immediately. The applicant will still need to complete site plan approval through the Planning Commission. This is a massive project – and will likely be 10+ years before final completion.

What about roads? Along with improvements being proposed at the developer’s cost, there is a proposal for additional improvements to be paid for through a TIF District (more on TIF’s latter).

TIF’s are approved by both the County and City before finalized. Spring Hill will have a Special Call meeting to discuss the TIF proposal on July 29. Following the Maury County Industrial Development Board and Maury County Commission will vote on the proposed TIF before the District becomes finalized.


What is a TIF District?
TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing.

In short – future property taxes generated from a development are used to pay for public infrastructure improvements that are necessary.

It’s important to remember that only the Increment generated can be used to pay for improvements. If a property generates $100 worth of property taxes today, and post re-development generates $120 – only $20 goes towards the TIF (only the Increment).

Taxes dedicated to schools or restricted funding are also not eligible for the TIF. So if in our above example of a $20 Increment; say $5 are school funds and $5 are restricted debt service – now only $10 are TIF eligible.

TIF’s a very detailed and potentially confusing. If you’d like to learn more – be sure to tune into the Special Called meeting on July 29, or head to the Tennessee Comptroller’s website to read more.


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