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June 20, 2018by Matt Fitterer0
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Increases to Impact Fees, Adequate Facility Tax, Water/Sewer Reserve Fees and Utility Rates

On June 12th, a proposal was made to dramatically alter Impact Fees, Adequate Facility Tax, Water/Sewer Reserve Fees and Utility Rates to raise funds for roads, water and sewer infrastructure, along with public safety needs.

The Ordinance itself to make these changes law was shared for the first time on June 13th, and then altered significantly on June 18th – the same day as the vote.

I believe that such a substantial change deserves time to be vetted, reviewed, publicly debated and improved. We simply cannot do so in 5 days.

I support the BOMA looking across all potential revenue sources for funding to address our infrastructure challenges.

I’m supportive of the concepts that have been proposed. I look forward to voting in favor of them. But making such a large change with such little time would not have been the best way to govern.

Potential Hwy 31 Agreement with TDOT
In June, Spring Hill approved to initiate conversation with TDOT to develop and execute a contract with TDOT to cost share for the widening of Hwy 31.

While this may seem insignificant, it is an important milestone in helping push improvements to Hwy 31 towards reality. Spring Hill’s Representatives in the State House and State Senate have been very supportive in helping Spring Hill move the conversation forward with TDOT. We have significant support from our Legislatures to help tackle this problem.

Spring Hill executed a similar agreement with the TDOT that has ultimately lead to the current construction of Duplex Rd.

More on this in the months ahead….

Unified Development Code Update

Spring Hill is getting closer to adopting a new Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations into a Unified Development Code (UDC). The new Code will help guide development and zoning regulations for many years to come. The UDC is an extremely important tool for the City to ensure quality development that does not have an adverse impact on the City.

The two separate components of the UDC (Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations) are adopted in two separate steps under Tennessee State law.

On May 14th the Planning Commission approved and adopted the Subdivision Regulations, and made a favorable recommendation to the BOMA to approve the remainder of the UDC. The BOMA will have two separate votes before the remainder of the UDC can become law. These votes are tentatively schedule to occur in July and August. It should prove to be an exciting summer in Spring Hill, as the full adoption of the UDC will be a significant step in improving development patterns and land use for decades to come.

The new Subdivision Regulations will become effective concurrent with the adoption of the UDC by the BOMA.

The BOMA will hold a Special Call Work Session on July 12th to begin their review and study of the UDC. I would strongly encourage anyone who’s interested in the future of Spring Hill to attend and provide input!

Tourism Council
Are you interested in serving Spring Hill?
The BOMA is currently taking applications to serve on the newly created Tourism Council.

If you’d like to be considered, please visit this link and complete an application prior to June 26th.

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