June 2019 Newsletter

June 19, 2019by Matt Fitterer0

Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020 City Budget


Creating and passing the City budget might be BOMA’s most important job.
The City budget is more than just numbers on a spread sheet, it’s a representation of the BOMA’s priorities for the upcoming year. We must be good stewards of the City’s resources. Spring Hill’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30th, the budget must be passed by two votes (May & June). Second (and final) vote of the 2020/2021 budget passed 8-0. You can find a copy of the Ordinance here.
Some highlights of the Budget:
  • NEPA (required Enviromental study) for Hwy 31 widening
  • Design work for the widening of Buckner Lane
  • Construction of Tom Lunn Road
  • Funding for 5 new Police Officers
  • Funding for new Fire Fighter
  • New Ladder Truck for Fire Department
  • Design work for Fire Station #4 – this will be a combination facility with Spring Hill PD, and serve as an ancillary precinct for PD. Location will be the corner of Buckner Ln and Duplex Rd.
  • Receipt of Grant for Harvey Park Greenway (multi-use trail from Harvey Park to Wilkes Ln)
  • Traffic Signals for Kedron Rd/Hummingbird Ln and Kedron Rd/Mahlon Moore Rd. Signals are needed due to the pending additional Maury County Schools in the area
What do you think?
Spring Hill certainly has challenges as we embark on a nearly $200,000,000 capital improvement plan targeted at improving roads, public utilities and quality of life improvements. BOMA must remain disciplined in reducing costs wherever feasible, avoiding wasteful spending, and seeking additional revenue sources such as increasing impact fees. We’ve got a difficult job in front of us.
For updates throughout the budget process, please use and visit www.SpringHillBudget.com
Multiple Re-Zone Requests Coming in July
Spring Hill’s Planning Commission resently sent three different re-zone requests to the Board of Mayor and Alderman. BOMA will take up each of the below items in July.


Ask Matt Anything Returns

In April, I hosted a live town-hall style event of Facebook taking questions from the community. We had nearly 1,600 views during our 40 minute live broadcast.

Get your questions ready, because I’ll be hosting another Ask Matt Anything, live on Facebook on July 11th at 7:00 pm.

Ask anything you want about Spring Hill. Seriously, ask anything.

If you want to submit questions ahead of time – email me at Matt@MattFitterer.com


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