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June 23, 2021by Matt Fitterer0
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Final 2021-2022 Budget post

I promise this will be my last budget post (until next year).
Monday night, BOMA wrapped up second and final reading of the 2021-2022 budget. As I’ve shared earlier, this year’s budget was heavily focused on roads, public safety and utility improvements. The final version of the budget certainly solidified those priorities.
Monday also saw 14 amendments to the budget approved by BOMA. Most of these were clerical/administrative in nature, but BOMA was also able to allocate additional funds towards projects that directly seek to improve livability within Spring Hill.
  • We budgeted $100,000 towards a parkland acquisition fund. This money won’t go towards parkland acquisition this year, but is now permanently reserved for parkland purchases in the future. Think of this fund as savings towards a down payment. This is the first time Spring Hill has set aside funds for parkland purchase.
  • We budgeted $200,000 towards the development of a sportsplex. This is similar to the parkland fund, but will go towards the development of a sportsplex.
  • We budgeted an additional $175,000 for pavement crack sealant to extend the life of our roadways, bringing the total paving budget to $1.3M
  • We budgeted an additional $55,000 towards sidewalk repair, bringing the total to $75,000
  • $0 of the $2.4M profit from the sale of Northfield was spent. This money will go towards new police and library facilities later this year.
This was my 7th municipal budget – and by far this is the happiest I’ve been not only with the final budget, but with the multiple month process and work put in by both staff and fellow aldermen. I’m really excited about what Spring Hill can accomplish this fiscal year.
Historic Rippavilla
The news coming out of Rippavilla just gets better and better every month.
This month, the Battle of Franklin Trust was able to secure a commitment from the American Battlefield Trust and Civil War Trails to help secure new signage at both the Spring Hill battlefield and on the grounds of Rippavilla.
The first sign to be installed at Rippavilla will highlight the Cheairs slaves who escaped in 1863 and became U. S. soldiers as part of the United States Colored Troops (USCTs).
Tours are only $10 for the rest of June for the classic house tour. There are a variety of specialty tours available as well.
We Really Do Plan
Earlier this week, I was reminded of this article. Back in 2015 the Crossings still only had one entrance and exit (the Clyde Farmer Bridge over McCormick Creek hadn’t been constructed yet) and providing a second entrance was a priority. BOMA pursued a new roadway to Kedron Rd, but wanted to do so in a manner that was respectful to the character, context and historical integrity of the area.
Ultimately BOMA pursued the secondary entrance to the north, since those commercial properties developed first, making the northern exit more financially viable. (The southern project would cost in excess of $14M, while the northern project cost $2M)
Luther Bradley Parkway will be constructed one day, possibly by private development. And the work completed in 2015 will be instrumental in ensuring the road placement and design leaves the battlefield untouched. There will always be projects BOMA wants to pursue but can’t due to financial limitations. But this type of planning costs little to nothing, and helps ensure future projects are successful.

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