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Increase to both Impact Fees and Property Taxes?


Spring Hill has nearly $200,000,000 of necessary Capital Improvement needs. These projects cover roadway improvements to Hwy 31, Buckner Rd, Buckner Ln, the new interchange, water and sewer improvements, a new Police headquarters, and many more.


In conjunction with Spring Hill’s newly adopted Major Thoroughfare Plan update, Spring Hill BOMA has reevaluated our current Impact Fee structure, and will be voting on March 26th at 6 PM to increase development fees.


Impact Fees, by themselves, will not generate enough funds to complete all needed projects. Impact Fees are also only collected when new construction occurs, so relying solely on Impact Fees would necessitate a massive influx of additional development just to fund current needs. We don’t, and shouldn’t, want to see an even more rapid growth.


Additional funds, beyond existing revenues and increased Impact Fees, are necessary to complete these projects. As such, Mayor Graham has called for a property tax increase. Spring Hill BOMA will be voting on this increase on March 26th at 6 PM.


I believe Spring Hill’s citizens deserve assurances that any property increase is ONLY used on our necessary capital projects. And once these projects are complete, the tax should go away. This is why I have written and submitted Resolution 19-40, which would limit any property tax increase in both it’s use and it’s length. Resolution 19-40 will also be voted on March 26th at 6 PM.


March 26th will be a big evening for all of Spring Hill. Make plans to join the BOMA at City Hall begining at 6 PM. Or watch via live stream using this link.



Proposed Tennessee Children’s Home Re-Development


One of Spring Hill’s most famous landmarks is Ferguson Hall, fronting Highway 31 on the Tennessee Children’s Home property.

In March, a proposal to re-develop the property was submitted to the Spring Hill Planning Commission. You can find the complete proposal here.


For several years, the Children’s Home has been working to sell their Main St property, as the land and building no longer meet their needs in serving Tennessee’s young men. The Children’s Home intend to use the proceeds from any sale to construct a new campus in western Spring Hill and continue their mission of providing high quality Christian care to young men.


This proposal is a long way from being finalized. The applicant will need to submit a final development proposal to the Planning Commission, who will make a recommendation to the BOMA. The BOMA will then have two votes before any changes are approved, making July or August 2019 potential dates for a final decision. I will continue to provide updates as this proposal moves along.


#AskMattAnything Live On-Line Town Hall Event April 4th at 7:00 PM


On April 4th, at 7 PM, I will be hosting a live on-line Town Hall meeting through my Facebook page.


Getting to City Hall for meetings is difficult for many people. You might have questions or concerns that don’t necessarily fit into a meeting agenda. So let’s connect and get your questions answered.


This will be a great opportunity for us to connect, and talk about anything YOU want, let’s spend some time together and #AskMattAnything


If you’d like to submit questions ahead of time – email them to Please use #AskMattAnything in your subject line


I hope you can join on April 4th and #AskMattAnything



2019 City Elections


Spring Hill will hold City elections for four new Aldermen in 2019.


Regardless of where you live in Spring Hill, you are able to vote for candidates in all four City Wards. Voting is at large.


Spring Hill has major road projects underway, with more to begin in the near future. Spring Hill has worked hard to update our Comprehensive Plan and our new Zoning Ordinance to produce citizen friendly, smart growth in the years to come. It’s important we elect Alderman who can help keep these projects on track, and Aldermen who will support of police and fire departments.


Early voting will begin THIS WEEK! March 22nd at the Winchester Building, located at 563 Maury Hill St. Polls will be open from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday, and 8 AM to Noon on Saturday. I will be on site this Saturday from 8 AM to Noon. Stop by and say hello on your way into vote.



Thank you for reading!


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Be sure to join me on April 4th for my on-line town hall. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may about Spring Hill.


Thank you for reading!


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