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March 16, 2021by Matt Fitterer0

Buckner Road 90 Day Closure

About 900 feet of Buckner Road will be closed this summer for around 90 days. The June Lake (Alexander Farm) development will begin work on the newly realigned Buckner Lane north of the Buckner/ Buckner intersection in the next couple of months. June Lake will also be reconstructing the Buckner/Buckner intersection slightly to the east of it’s current location.
In order to avoid significant rework, the City needs to begin this project in advance of June Lake’s road work. This project will allow for a transition from the newly created interchange to the existing Buckner Rd until the Buckner Rd widening project can be completed.
The alternative to a 90 day closure is for the road to remain open, and the construction timeline would then increase from 90 days to 8 or 9 months. Having the road closed for 90 days is very inconvenient, but much better than having 8 to 9 months worth of detours.
A firm date for construction to begin has not yet been established, but it will be advertised and shared as soon as possible. Currently, the goal is to not close the road until after school has released for the summer, and have the road reopened prior to school starting again in the fall.
Special Called Budget Meetings
And just like that, it’s time to begin work on the 2021/2022 budget.
In April and May, you’ll see a series of special called budget meetings in which the proposed 2021/2022 budget will be presented. These meetings are really where the sausage gets made. The special called meetings gives BOMA (including members elected April 8th) and opportunity to review, discuss and debate the budget line by line as spending priorities are set for the next fiscal year.
Expect to see a more readable, citizen friendly budget presentation this year.
Also, please go ahead and bookmark SpringHillBudget.com. I’ll be providing updated information on the 2021/2022 Budget as we make progress.
Election Day Reminders
If you are a Spring Hill utility customer, your household should have received a post card this past week out lining voting times and locations. If you received this card, and are registered to vote, you are eligible to vote in the April 8th Spring Hill election.
On the back of this card, you’ll find information on election day voting locations. A couple of changes for this year, on the Williamson County side there will be two voting precincts, past elections only had one. Polls will also be open from 7 am to 7 pm on election day.
You can find additional information on election day voting locations, sample ballots, and candidate campaign finance information through the Maury County election commission using this link.
Also very important to remember, as a voter you can cast a vote in all four Wards in addition to the Mayor’s race.
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