May 2018 Newsletter

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May 2018 Spring Hill Newsletter

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Fiscal Year 2018-2019 City Budget

One of the most important jobs of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen is to set the annual City Budget. Spending your tax dollars demands accountability.

Like all Ordinances, adopting the City Budget requires two votes, and by State Law the budget is required to be adopted by June 30th.

The first vote for the 2018-2019 Budget occurred on May 15, and passed 7-2.

I voted against the Budget on first reading for two reasons.

  1. Our budget is not complete yet. We still have a number of outstanding issues to resolve that will effect City expenditures next year. We need to finalize our spending plan before we can approve a budget.
  2. Our budget is not balanced yet. The budget passed contains a $380,000 deficit. I’m not in favor of unbalanced budgets.

You can see the 2018-2019 City Budget as currently proposed here.

Second vote on the Budget is currently scheduled for Jun 18th.

Capital Improvement Plan

Equally important to the Budget, is the annual adoption of the City’s Capital Improvement Plan. The CIP identified major road, water, sewer and building projects that are priorities for the City. The Plan not only identifies major projects, but identifies timelines and funding sources for the next 10 years, so longer term financial planning can occur. The CIP certainly has the ability to change from year to year as needs change and opportunities arise.

I believe the CIP needs for this upcoming year are clear. The City needs to focus on advancing the Buckner Rd / I-65 interchange along with the supporting roadway network of Buckner Rd and Buckner Lane. Additionally, the City needs to complete the Design and Permitting work associated with Sewer Plant, Water Plat and Water Distribution expansion. Finally, the City needs to address our public safety needs for Police & Fire.

I believe these three major tasks are most critical to the safety and welfare of our community, and can be accomplished within the current property tax rate structure.

The BOMA is scheduled to vote on the CIP June 18th.

You can see the current proposed 2018-2019 CIP here.

Unified Development Code Update

Spring Hill is getting closer to adopting a new Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations into a Unified Development Code (UDC). The new Code will help guide development and zoning regulations for many years to come. The UDC is an extremely important tool for the City to ensure quality development that does not have an adverse impact on the City.

The two separate components of the UDC (Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations) are adopted in two separate steps under Tennessee State law.

On May 14th the Planning Commission approved and adopted the Subdivision Regulations, and made a favorable recommendation to the BOMA to approve the remainder of the UDC. The BOMA will have two separate votes before the remainder of the UDC can become law. These votes are tentatively schedule to occur in June and July. It should prove to be an exciting summer in Spring Hill, as the full adoption of the UDC will be a significant step in improving development patterns and land use for decades to come.

The new Subdivision Regulations will become effective concurrent with the adoption of the UDC by the BOMA.

It is likely BOMA will have one or more special called work sessions to discuss the UDC over the next two months. Be sure watch for news on these meetings and be sure you provide your thoughts and input to the Board. This will be the two most important votes of the year.


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