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May 18, 2021by Matt Fitterer0

First Budget Vote

You’re probably sick of hearing me talk about the City budget by now, but it’s really important, so I’m going to keep going. First (of two) votes on the FY21-22 budget passed at the BOMA voting meeting this past Monday night.
A budget says a lot about BOMA’s priorities. This fiscal year a mammoth 39% of all funds is proposed to be spent on Road and Streets. Another 32% of all funds towards our Utilities. Spending on Parks is proposed to increase by over 30% from last year (Possibly close to 100% depending upon amendments in June). First Responders still compose a healthy 20% of the budget. You can see the budget in its entirety here.
Thanks to everyone who participated in my annual budget survey, you can find the results here.
There are about 25 different potential amendments to the budget that BOMA did not discuss Monday night, most of these will need to wait until second reading in June due to the Williamson County tax rate not being certified yet. I plan on supporting amendments to increase park land acquisition funding, increase spending on street maintenance and repair, increase our number of police officers and fire fighters, provide funding to improve walkability in downtown/historic Spring Hill, and set aside funding for potential sportsplex land acquisition.
I will only support a balanced budget; I won’t support any kind of budget that draws down City fund balance. If my supported budget amendments pass, they’ll be paid for through a combination of existing revenues, savings the City was able to realize from lower than expected healthcare costs, and proceeds from the sale of Northfield.
First reading of the budget passed 9-0, a big improvement from some of the contentious budget votes the past couple years.
Why Rippavilla Matters
Historic Rippavilla is a true treasure of Spring Hill.
Rippavilla has a story to tell in its architecture, agricultural innovations, the lives of the enslaved, in addition to the Civil War and a direct connection to the Battle of Spring Hill and Battle of Franklin.
Monday evening BOMA awarded a management contract to the Battle of Franklin Trust (BOFT) to run Rippavilla for the next three years. Under the terms of the management agreement, BOFT will be presenting all elements of what makes Rippavilla unique, and not just battle stories as some have feared. BOFT is tasked to tell the story of Rippavilla, not to use Rippavilla as some sort of stepping stone to Franklin.
Alderman Pomeroy recused himself from the vote due to a conflict of interest. Alderman Gavigan voted against the contract but did not offer an explanation.
Rippavilla will be re-opened for tours soon. Do yourself and your family a favor and plan on visiting this summer. You won’t be disappointed.
Committee and Commission Appointments
One of the few jobs of the Mayor outside of being a member of BOMA is to make appointments, both of citizens and Aldermen, to various committees and commissions. Monday night, Mayor Hagaman announced the following appointments, effective immediately.
Planning Commission – Alderman Linville will be the BOMA representative. I’ll continue as the Mayor’s designate. I’m excited to work with Alderman Linville, I’ve known him for several years and expect him to be a big contributor on the Planning Commission moving forward.
Board of Zoning Appeals – Mayor Hagaman will continue on BOZA.
Transportation Advisory Committee – Alderman Gavigan and Canepari will continue on TAC. Alderman Allen was removed.
Library Board of Trustees – Alderman Canepari
Parks and Recreation Commission – Alderman Linville
Historic Commission – Alderman Pomeroy
Budget and Finance – Alderman Nieves and myself will continue. Alderman Cox will be joining us.
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