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October 22, 2019by Matt Fitterer0

Buckner Lane Design Work Begins


This month, BOMA voted to approve the hiring of Kimley-Horn (a Raleigh, NC based planning and design engineering services firm) to move forward with the design of a 5 lane Buckner Lane.


Once design work is complete, the City will be able to move forward with purchasing right of way where needed, and then construction. The project should be complete in time for the new I-65 interchange at Buckner Road.


Kimley-Horn has worked with the City on numerous other projects and has a Nashville based office that will be tasked with the project.


What About Other Road Projects?


Let’s take a quick look at the other major road projects in Spring Hill and where things stand:


  • Hwy 31 – Currently on the TDOT three year project list. Undergoing required environmental work before proceeded to design phase.
  • Buckner Rd Interchange – Project on track, currently in final stages of the environmental work. Will move to the design & build phase next calendar year.
  • Buckner Rd widening – Spring Hill working to coordinate with MPO and other regional authorities. Expect design work to begin next calendar year.
  • Duplex Rd widening – Expected to be complete fall 2020.
  • Saturn Parkway Extension – Expected to be complete 2020.
  • Port Royal Rd / Saturn Parkway signalization – Expected to be complete by end of 2019.
  • Beechcroft safety improvements – Expected to be complete 2020.
  • Crossing Circle North bridge – Expected to be complete by end of November 2019.
  • Tom Lunn Rd improvements – Currently out to bid. Construction expected to begin early 2020.


Alderman Allen and the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) do a great job of tracking these projects and providing updates monthly. You can watch any TAC meeting live or on demand here. TAC meets the third Monday of every month at 5:30 PM at City Hall.



City Branding Proposal


Over the past 9 months, the City Economic Development Committee has been guiding a process to prepare and present a proposal for a new City “Brand”. The City spent $66,000 on the effort.


Unveiled at the October 7th work session, the proposed brand, logo and tag line have been met with mixed reviews. Some are questioning why this project even began, and don’t feel as though this was a good use of tax dollars. Others have complained that the logo and tag line feel a bit sophomoric, and lack sophistication. Some people like the proposal. Others haven’t made up their mind yet.


You can find the full slate of presented materials in this link.


So what do you think? Take my poll at the end of this newsletter.



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