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June 20, 2015by Matt Fitterer0

Spring Hill Second Quarter Newsletter

The past three months in Spring Hill have presented a great number of opportunities and challenges alike. Since being elected, Alderman Fitterer was appointed to the Planning Commission as the Mayor’s designee and appointed to the Transportation Advisory Committee as the Planning Commission’s Representative. This quarterly newsletter serves to provide a high level review on Spring Hill news you may have missed.

2015/2016 Budget Passed
Spring Hill’s BOMA FY 15/16 budget passed in June. Our budget features funding for roadway improvements, additional Police Officers and Fire Fighters, a 5 year Capital Improvement Program spend, no increase to property taxes and is once again balanced. You can view the City budget at www.SpringHillTN.org

Major Thoroughfare Plan
Recently approved by the Planning Commission and BOMA, the MTP is Spring Hill’s guide for long term roadway planning. The MTP allows the City to require right of way from new development to use for future road construction. This will assist the City in avoiding high cost ROW acquisition in the future, and speed the time frame for roadway construction projects. The delays in improvements to Duplex Rd are largely in part due to ROW challenges from a lack of past MTPs.

Short Term roadway projects are addressed through the 5 year capital improvement plan.

You can see the MTP here.

Fire Fighters Vacation Time
In June, the BOMA voted 5-3 to reduce vacation time for the Spring Hill Fire Department. Alderman Fitterer voted against the proposal.

Port Royal Park Opens
Spring Hill’s largest park opened on Memorial Day weekend. Located on Port Royal Road south of Saturn Parkway, the new park features a splash pad, three football fields and an ADA compliant playground. If you haven’t visited yet, make plans to visit soon!

Planning Commission Update
Spring Hill’s Planning Commission remains very busy, with both businesses and residential applicants. The long requested second gas station for Port Royal Road will become a reality; with Twice Daily gaining approval for a station at the intersection of Reserves Blvd. and Port Royal Road. Hampton Inn will soon arrive to The Crossings, becoming Spring Hill’s second hotel.  Existing buildings have recently welcomed new tenets in Ulta, Delta Bound, and Hwy. 55 Diner. A number of other businesses have recently expressed interest in Spring Hill, and could be announced in the next few months.

No new PUDs were approved in Spring Hill in the past quarter, although a number of previously approved PUDs began work on new phases of their developments. Demand for housing remains strong, as Williamson County recently had the busiest month for existing home purchases since May 2005. The average U.S. Home price hit $227,500 in May, the highest level since May 2007 when the average was $229,200.

Traffic Advisory Committee
The most talked about issue in Spring Hill!
Spring Hill continues to be impacted by our roadway congestion, and Spring Hill’s leadership remains committed to improving our roadways. The Capital Improvement Plan highlights this commitment, and contains many of the near term improvements you will see.

The ROW acquisition along Duplex Rd is the largest locally managed ROW acquisition project in Tennessee history. Traffic signals for the dreaded Duplex/Port Royal and Duplex/Miles Johnson intersections have already been designed and budgeted, once TDOT approves ROW acquisition, installation of the signals can begin.

Road resurfacing along Buckner Road, Buckner Lane and within Cameron Farms is scheduled to begin this summer. Wall St, Wilkes Ln, and Crowne Point will be the next areas of focus for re-surfacing.

If you have an out of the box idea for improvements to our traffic, I want to hear it!

What’s Coming Next

Ward Re-Alignment
Spring Hill’s Four voting Wards are unbalanced in terms of population. Mayor Graham recently appointed a Task Force to propose new Ward lines for BOMA consideration to create an equal balance in population. Expect to see a proposal by the end of summer.

Impact Fees
By August, BOMA is scheduled to vote upon adopting a new Impact Fee policy.  Such a policy would require new development to make a monetary contribution to the City to help offset the impact developments have on the City’s infrastructure. Contributions would be based upon the size of the impact, and the use of the contribution would occur in the immediate vicinity of the new development. Such contributions could be spent on roadways, water, sewer lines, or other infrastructure items necessitated by the development. Alderman Fitterer intends to support the Impact Fee policy.

Comprehensive Land Use

Alderman Fitterer has been leading a Steering Committee composed of citizens representing a wide range of backgrounds on an update to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan is the basis of the City zoning map, and is instrumental in the future growth and development of Spring Hill. A number of public hearing have already been conducted, and more will follow, before the Land Use Plan is brought to the Planning Commission for approval and adoption this summer.



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