Q3 2017 Newsletter

October 2, 2015by Matt Fitterer0

Spring Hill Third Quarter Newsletter

The past three months in Spring Hill have been an exciting time. As we enter fall, let’s take a moment to look back at what your Spring Hill BOMA has been up to over the past few months.This newsletter serves to provide a high level review on Spring Hill news you may have missed.

On-Going Duplex Right of Way Purchases 
Spring Hill has finally begun purchasing Right of Way for the long awaiting widening of Duplex Rd. There are 229 parcels of land that need to be purchased, and each is entitled to a review process that is protected under state law. The City will be calling many special meetings over the next year to authorize these purchases as quickly as possible.

Roadway Impact Fees
In October, the Spring Hill BOMA will have first reading on adopting Roadway Impact Fees. Impact Fees are assessed on new developments as a means of providing additional funding toward the construction of new or expanded roads. As Spring Hill continues to grow, it is important the City have the resources necessary to expand our roadways.

You can see the full details here.

Tennessee Children’s Home
Insight Properties, a local private development company, has partnered with the Tennessee Children’s Home to develop TCH’s property on Hwy 31. Part of the development would include a new town hall, library and town square. The City is exploring whether this development is feasible, and whether the City facilities can be financed through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Simply put, TIF is a method allowed under state law for public facilities (library/town hall) to be paid for by increased property tax collections that are created by  property values that increase due to the construction of the public facilities. The Children’s Home is a tax exempt 501(3)C and pays no property taxes, if they sell their land to a private developer who then builds retail and residential units in addition to the public facilities, the value of the property will increase and the property taxes collected will increase as well. The City is currently performing a study to determine if this increase would be sufficient enough for the development to occur.

No decisions have been made on the development, at this point the City is performing due diligence.

Would can read more about the development here, and more about TIF’s here.

Ward Re-Alignment
Spring Hill’s growing population has lead to the need to re-balance the City’s voting wards. In October, the BOMA will have first reading on an ordinance to re-draw ward lines. If approved, the change would take effect in April of 2017, which is the next City election.

Bicycle and Greenway Plan
Developed by Spring Hill Parks and Recreation committee, and approved by the Spring Hill Planning Commission, the City now has an official plan for the long term development of Greenways and Trails. This plan is expected to unfold over a 15-20 year time frame, and now allows for land and improvements to be made over time as new developments spring up over the City. You can see the entire plan here.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Alderman Fitterer has been leading a Steering Committee composed of citizens representing a wide range of backgrounds on an update to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan is the basis of the City zoning map, and is instrumental in the future growth and development of Spring Hill. The Planning Commission has approved the updated Land Use Plan, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen will take the issue up in October.

Citizen’s Police Academy
The Spring Hill Police Department recently held a 12 week Citizen’s Police Academy. 24 residents, including Alderman Fitterer and City Judge Morgan, participated, spending 12 weeks learning the ins and outs of police work. Session included firearms training, ride along with patrol officers, crime scene investigation and K-9 unit training. The Spring Hill PD will be hosting another session in 2016, I would encourage you all to consider participating!

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