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Buckner Road Transition Project We all know that the widening of Buckner Road, the widening and realignment of Buckner Lane and the construction of the new I-65 interchange is going to create some traffic nightmares during their construction (think Duplex on steroids). BOMA is working hard to ensure the 3 different projects sync up in […]

matt fitterer newsletter

Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Well….I didn’t see this one coming, but Spring Hill still does not have a budget for fiscal year 2020-2021. Monday night’s second and final vote of the fiscal year 2020-2021 budget failed in a 4-4 tie. Aldermen Allen, Gavigan, Nieves and myself voted in favor of the proposed budget. Aldermen Fuqua, […]

A City’s budget represents it’s priorities. And it’s extremely important that as the BOMA sets our fiscal year 2021-2022 budget, we first hear from you on what’s important to you. An link to provide input into the 2021-2022 fiscal year budget is at the end of this page following an overview of the current budget. […]

matt fitterer newsletter

Adequate Facility Tax Increase The Adequate Facility Tax is a tax charges to all new residential and commercial development. It is not charged to existing development or property owners.   For the past 14 years, Spring Hill has charged a rate of $0.50 per square foot, plus a $500 base fee. So a 2,500 sq […]

Spring Hill Debt Policy   Word document available in this link.     Overview   The following financial policies adopted by Resolution 11-121 of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (“BOMA”) of Spring Hill, Tennessee on November 21, 2011(the “Resolution”), and later amended by Resolution 20-xx on March 16, 2020. (“Debt & Financial Policy Statements”) […]

The link below contains a high level overview of the 2018/2019 Spring Hill General Fund Budget. Restricted revenue fund numbers are not included in the overview. 2018/2019 Spring Hill General Fund Budget   A far more detailed breakdown of the General Fund budget, along with Restricted Revenue Funds, can be found here. Spring Hill will […]

matt fitterer newsletter

Increases to Impact Fees, Adequate Facility Tax, Water/Sewer Reserve Fees and Utility Rates On June 12th, a proposal was made to dramatically alter Impact Fees, Adequate Facility Tax, Water/Sewer Reserve Fees and Utility Rates to raise funds for roads, water and sewer infrastructure, along with public safety needs. The Ordinance itself to make these changes law […]

matt fitterer newsletter

May 2018 Spring Hill Newsletter Like Alderman Matt Fitterer, Spring Hill – TN on Facebook for additional updates and news. Fiscal Year 2018-2019 City Budget One of the most important jobs of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen is to set the annual City Budget. Spending your tax dollars demands accountability. Like all Ordinances, adopting […]

Thank you all the Spring Hill Citizens who completed the Spring Hill Roads and Spring Hill Budget survey. Your feedback was outstanding! As a community – here is the ranking of the ten major road projects Highway 31 – NEPA and Preliminary Design I-65 Interchange – NEPA and Preliminary Design Buckner Rd widening – Planning […]

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