Buckner Lane Design Work Begins   This month, BOMA voted to approve the hiring of Kimley-Horn (a Raleigh, NC based planning and design engineering services firm) to move forward with the design of a 5 lane Buckner Lane.   Once design work is complete, the City will be able to move forward with purchasing right […]

Increase to Water and Sewer Impact Fees Last month, I shared with you that BOMA was considering a change to what the City water and sewer base monthly charge covered. You can read again here, on that subject. This change was only one component to the recommendation made by the City’s consultant Jackson Thornton. This […]

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Update on Critical Projects Spring Hill has at least 28 active projects that are critical to the City. It’s often times difficult to keep track of all these projects, much less keep track of the current status of projects. Want a complete list? (That’s current as of July 2019) Visit this link. Some highlights: – […]

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Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020 City Budget Creating and passing the City budget might be BOMA’s most important job.   The City budget is more than just numbers on a spread sheet, it’s a representation of the BOMA’s priorities for the upcoming year. We must be good stewards of the City’s resources. Spring Hill’s fiscal […]

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Unified Development Code Passed!!!  Spring Hill’s badly outdated and antiquated Zoning Ordinance has resulted in some less than desirable development patterns over the years. In late 2016, Spring Hill began the process of updating and modernizing the existing Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations into a combined Unified Development Code (UDC). After much hard work by […]

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February 2018 Newsletter  Like Alderman Matt Fitterer, Spring Hill – TN on Facebook for additional updates and news. New I-65 Interchange approved by Federal Highway Administration Spring Hill received notice from the Federal Highway Administration that the City’s request for a new interchange on I-65 at mile marker 56 has been approved! The City will now move […]

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Last week, Spring Hill held three separate open house meetings to present the proposed changes to the City’s Zoning Ordinance into our new Unified Development Code. Hopefully you were able to attend an open house, hear the presentation, ask questions and provide your feedback. If you missed these meetings, you can view a recap in […]

Fall 2017 Newsletter Here’s some Spring Hill news you may have missed over the past few months. Like and follow Matt Fitterer Ward 2 Alderman on Facebook for additional updates and news. Duplex Widening It’s going to happen. Really. TDOT has hired Eutaw Construction to widen Duplex Rd. Construction is scheduled to begin this calendar year. […]

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